Inspiring Design to Satisfy Form and Function

Despite its importance, the bathroom is still often the smallest space in a home. But the bathroom is the second most vital and expensive part of the house; the kitchen is the largest investment. The cost of renovating often depends on the desired quality of appliances, fixtures and finishes you choose.

We'll help you set goals for your bathroom remodeling, personalize the space to suit your needs and inspire you with designs that appeal to all tastes. With any bathroom renovation, budgeting and space planning are critical first steps for developing a design blueprint for the bathroom. Our team at AG Home Renovations will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Whenever you are designing and renovating a bathroom, it’s important to consider the type of use it will see. In the case of a master bath, you’re looking for a relaxing retreat that will enable you to soak the day’s cares away. When designing a half bath for daily use, your goals will be to provide a comfortable and clean-cut space guests will feel welcome in. The builders at AG Home Renovations know what it takes to design and build a bathroom that suits all of your needs. Let us show you what it takes to design and build the bathroom of your dreams!

AG Home Renovations will help you design and build a bathroom that maximizes the space available. We keep these bathroom design practices in mind as we create for you the perfect space:

1. It’s all about connections. The bathroom is not a main room of the home, but it is a critical part of it. When you design and build a bathroom, it is critical that you think about how the room connects to the rest of the home. In the case of a master bath, create it in such a way that it flows right into the rest of the master suite. If designing a guest bathroom, consider the rooms it will complement.

2. Layout is critical. Whenever you are designing a bathroom, you are dealing with a limited amount of space and fixtures that are quite sizeable. However, a talented builder or designer knows how to maximize the space you have available by creating a layout that makes it possible for you to have everything you want in the room and still have enough space to move around.

3. Use of quality fixtures and materials. The bathroom is full of moisture every time you bathe or shower, so the materials that you use in the room are an essential part of the room’s durability.

4. Quality installation is vital. Mold and mildew can be a real problem if the fixtures and tile are not installed correctly, this is why it becomes increasingly important to use an experienced company to do the job right the first time.