Where Finished Basement Ideas Come to Life!

Whether you've bought a new home or you just never got around to it, finishing your basement breathes a whole new life to an often unused area of the house. Basement renovation is something many people plan on, but often can't find the budget or have simply don't know where to begin.

Good news! Renovating your basement doesn't have to be expensive or overwhelming. From spacious basement apartments to rec-rooms for lounging and entertainment, we provide basement renovation services - guaranteed for a lifetime of happiness and comfort.

At AG Home Renovations finishing basements isn’t all we do. Sometimes basement renovation involves work on an already finished basement. Extra storage space can be added to reduce clutter in any size basement. An existing basement apartment that isn’t up to code may need some work before it can be legally rented to potential tenants. Transform your already finished basement into a home office or gym. Add a separate doorway or additional windows to create light. Maybe you’re looking to create the ultimate rec-room for family, friends and neighbors to enjoy for years to come.

If you’ve already begun finishing your basement or are looking to renovate your existing finished basement, no job is too big or too small. We make almost anything possible. And we can find ways of using your existing basement to save money on renovation costs, while upgrading it into a magnificent basement to last a lifetime.